SvoëMesto is a small German manufacturer currently consisting of a team of 20 qualified men and women. In 2011 we presented our first rebuildable atomizer named the “Kayfun“. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in the e‐cigarette industry.
Since the company was founded our primary goal was to create and manufacture premium rebuildable atomizers. We attach great importance to strict production standards and using highest grade materials.

MTL atomizers
MTL (mouth to lung) is a vaping style, during which the vapor is drawn into the mouth before being inhaled. MTL atomizers characteristically have a tight draw and crystal clear flavor . They are typically used between 5W-20W.

For starters and beyond

Kayfun Lite [plus]
Your entry into MTL vaping. Excellent flavor, minimalistic design and extremely compact. Available in 22mm and 24mm diameter.

For flavor purists

Kayfun Prime
The “flagship” in MTL vaping. This atomizer has every feature you could want from an MTL atomizer.

For ladies and gentlemen

Kayfun Mini V3
The Kayfun experience in a 19mm compact format. Perfect for the more elegant occasions in life.



Kayfun X


Do you know KLP?

Kayfun lite plus 2014
We don’t need another hero.


DL atomizers
With DL (direct lung) vaping the vapor gets drawn directly into the lungs. DL characteristically have an open draw and smooth and dense vapor production. They are typically used between 15W-60W.

For cloudchasers

Kayfun 5²
Strong performance,
perfect flavor.

The Kayfun 5² is the perfect platform for everyone who loves complex builds.

For allrounders

Kayfun 5
A true allrounder who has something in stock for every vaping style.

For the adventurous

The Gorgon RDCA is a fully customizable rebuilding playground for everyone who loves to experiment.