Freehand Gloom


The all new military polymer Freehand, the toughest one yet!


The all new military polymer Freehand, the toughest one yet! If you need an everyday carry mod, this one is for you! Fully customizable to suit your style it will easily become your daily companion.

The mechanical/unregulated Bottom Feeder (Squonk Mod) from Limelight. With its elegant curves, compact size and superb craftsmanship, The Freehand S Gloom provides a perfect grip and feel for the finest vaping experience. It features a large, custom top switch with direct battery contact or a Mosfet circuit, silver plated contacts and a Stainless Steel connector. All Stainless Steel parts are available in Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a military grade Polymer-Ceramic coating used for coating weapons. The mod has a screw on battery cap with a finger grip and a tube locking cap which insures there is no leaking. The Freehand S comes with a silicone bottle included. You can also choose from a 22mm catch cup style connector or a 24mm flush connector which supports atomizers larger than 22mm in diameter.

We offer 2 types of switches for the Freehand S. While they are visually the same, the way they conduct electricity is completely different.

1. Full mechanical switch
Pressing the button, the silver plated pin under the Stainless Steel switch plate touches the battery top and conducts the electricity directly to the 510 connector. The switch has a spring like feel when pressing and requires some 600g of force to activate meaning it’s the stiffer than the Mosfet. This type of switch requires periodical cleaning as arcing between the firing pin and the battery may cause buildup and drop in performance of the switch.

2. Mosfet – RAM chip
RAM is a switching chip with enhanced safety features

The main features of the RAM Module:

– 3 click lock unlock will prevent accidental activation
– 8 sec puff limit, after which the board will reset
– Virtually no voltage drop on the board
– Low battery cutoff
– Auto standby for battery saving
– Short protection
– Instant response – There is no delay when activating the chip
– 100% liquid proof chip and button
– Only the negative pole passes through the chip while the positive is connected directly to the 510 meaning there is no possibility of a short circuit on the board.
– Discreet LED which will light up for 5 sec when the module is armed and blink 5 times when it’s disarmed or reset from a short in the atty.

Additional information

Switch Type

Mechanical, Mosfet – RAM chip

Connector Type

22mm Catch Cup, 24mm Flush

Switch and Connector Finish

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Logo Color

Black, Matched Color