Tilemahos ARMED 31,5mm


– Tilemahos Armed with Drip Tip and plus pole with 3.5 mm air tube diameter
– Zirconia spring 0,35 mm
– 2.8 mm “Helper” for fixing the base (can also be used as a winding aid)
– 3.8 mm “Helper” for fixing the base
– Positive pole with 1.5 mm air tube diameter
– Positive pole with 2.5 mm air tube diameter
– Replacement O-rings
– Replacement pole screw

Dimensions without mouthpiece:
Height: 49 mm
Diameter: 31,5 mm

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This self-winding stainless steel evaporator can also be operated without a tool and wire with a zirconium spring. The resistance of the resulting winding can be varied from about 0.3 ohm to about 0.6 ohms by shortening and pulling out the spring.
With 3 interchangeable positive poles (1.5 mm – 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm), the Tilemahos Armed is suitable for both classic mouth-to-mouth vaporization and direct inhalation (open draw).
The air supply can be finely adjusted by the AFC ring.
The tank of PMMA (do not add triacetin-containing liquid as they could destroy the tank) holds 10.5 ml of liquid and can be filled from above by unscrewing the top cap.

Features :

– Tool-free winding change with springomizer spring made of zirconium or classic self-winding
– Adjustable positive pole with 3 different air diameters (1.5 mm – 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm)
– Both for classic steam traction (MTL) and direct inhalation (open draw)
– Liquid control adjustable by turning on the drip tip
– AFC with adjustable AFC ring with lock
– 2 collecting basins (collector tanks) to avoid “bubbling”
– Window to check the level
– Fireplace with removable splash protection (spitback protection)
– Exchangeable drip tip
– 4 mm liquid channels for all types of liquid
– Rotatable tankshield for positioning the logo or window
– Tankshield, AFC Ring and Top Cap are changeable (coming soon in various colors)
– Tankshield removable, even when tank is filled, to vaporize with transparent PMMA tank
– Filling from above
– Access to the winding when the tank is filled
– Available in polished or matt

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