NEW Tilemahos Armed Eagle By The Golden Greek

– 1 Tilemahos Armed Eagle
– 2 pin fori 1,5 / 2,5
– 1 Zirconium Wire
– 1 Helper
– Kit o-ring di ricambio
– 1 foglietto di istruzioni


The Tilemahos Armed Eagle is the latest vaporizer of the inventor of most Imeo Thanasis e-cigarette systems.
This self-winding evaporator made of stainless steel can be operated without tools and wire with a spring made of zirconium. The resistance of the resulting winding can be varied from about 0.3 ohm to about 0.6 ohms by shortening and pulling out the spring.
With 2 interchangeable plus pole pins (1.5 mm, 2 mm and 5 mm without pin), the Tilemahos Armed is suitable for classic mouth-to-mouth and direct inhalation (open draw). The pins are included in the delivery and can be replaced quickly, the Tilemahos Armed Eagle therefore dispenses with a controllable airflow control.
The glass tank holds approx. 5 ml of liquid and can be filled from above by unscrewing the top cap.

The Liquid Control can be adjusted below the Drip Tips, in contrast to the predecessor completely independent of the Drip Tip. When closing the LC, the tank is completely closed, the base can be removed from below, even when the tank is filled. So the Tilemahos Armed Eagle can be freshly wound anytime, even with a full tank.
The deck is larger than the Tilemahos Armed, so even larger Clapton coils have enough space.


– Tool-free winding exchange with springomizer spring made of zirconium or classic self-winding
– Adjustable positive pole with exchangeable draft reductions (1.5 mm – 2 mm and 5 mm without reduction)
– For both classic jaw traction (MTL) and direct inhalation ( open draw)
– Liquid control adjustable by turning the LC below the Drip Tip
– filling from above
– Lots of space to fill, by unscrewing the topcap
– The topcap must not be removed during filling, this can be locked to the LC
– Tool-free exchange of positive pole AFC pins possible, with filled tank
– access to the winding, even when filled tank
– Collector tanks to avoid “bubbling”
– Window to check the level
– Glass tank easily replaceable
– 100% VG compatible
– Drip tip with splash guard (spitback protection)

Removable drip tip – No heat build-up on the driptip as there is no direct contact to the housing
– No tools needed to change the base from self-winders to Springomizer
– Large deck with 6 mm space for large windings
– Optimized pole bolts for Clapton coil windings
– 4 mm liquid channels for all types of liquid
– Available in polished or matt

I hope you liked Eagle trailer. I am sure that you will like its features even more. Its a unique atomizer that brings innovation and simplicity at the same time to the next level.
Tilemahos Armed Eagle (TAE) features solid construction, no AD ring huge refilling area, so easy to refill with any liquid container, even with a water glass liquid control sticks out of the body for handling it easier engraved liquid control. Nice looking and easier to grab it ability to put your own drip tip metal threads between body and refilling cap no need to leave the refilling cap on a table while refilling. Just unscrew it and raise it.
The liquid control doesn’t move while you unscrew the refilling cap easy way (without tools) to clean the gurgling without interfering with liquid easy way (without tools) to change pins without interfering with liquid easy way to inspect resistance without interfering with liquid you can make a new resistance without interfering with liquid spit back protection is on the drip tip, so easily removable (without tools) and without interfering with liquid
no need to keep on your other hand the atomizer while inspecting the resistance totally sealed construction. You can clean it under running water or put it inside a glass of water glass tank, easily replaceable different feeding way (by opening the liquid, more wick is fed.
Also feeding comes closer to the resistance) 100% VG compatible less heat on the mouthpiece because it doesn’t touch the housing no need to unscrew any bolt to change between your own wire and springomizer the available area for your own wire is 6mm instead of 4,5mm on Armed, so you can put your clapton coils inside the air hole always hits the resistance on the center without requiring from you to be careful wire holders can keep a clapton wire easy because of their big head wire holders are easier to get screwed because of the cross on their heads.
Also they are longer to stay healthy for more ability to make a long or a short coil depending on where you screw the wire (you cant do this on an atomizer with holes on posts) ability to make your wire in 3 ways. The original one (2 ways by putting wire holders the opposite way) and one more by screwing the wire when bolts are in the same row adjustable center pin no need to carry 2 center pins with you, just one. The 5mm is always attached to the deck the best taste you have vape so far because of the quantity and the way that wick is going inside the housing

width (mm) 25
height (mm) 46
capacity (ml) 5


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Shined, Matt


23mm, 25mm